Where Foreigners can work in Poland?

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25 July 2019
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17 September 2019

Where Foreigners can work in Poland?

Being a foreign student has a lot of benefits, including giving you the right to work. Despite of if you have EU citizenship or not , you can work in Poland without any necessary bureaucratic procedures. Nonetheless you should think about certain things that you need to be aware of to not lose your rights. Maximise your chance of finding a good job and gain some additional budget.

Foreign Students don’t need a working permit.

You don’t have to apply for a working permit, even if you are a non-EU citizen. But remember you need to hold a valid residence permit given you on the basis of your studies in Poland and, what is important, during application you cannot working. Simplifying, don’t sign an employment contract before your resident permit is finalised otherwise you can’t apply for it. There is no maximum limit of hours that you can work a week, so you can legally have a full-time job while studying. Ofcourse  if it is not have an influence to your scores at University.

What type of job are the best for me?

If you are worried that you don’t speak Polish and you can’t find job we have some good advice for you. You can change this disadvantage into your strength. There are groups of jobs best suited to native speakers, where knowledge of Polish is not required.

Here are some ideas:

  • Call centers – there are lots of myths about work at call centers, but to be honest, most of them offer good salary and benefits.
  • Teacher (native speaker) – you can earn a lot of money by teaching kids and adults your native tongue, in bigger cities, you will find people keen to learn Chinese, Hindi and Russian.
  • Shared service centers – in Poland we have some of them which are working for big companies around the word, and looking for people speaking different languages.
  • IT jobs – no matter if you are speak Polish or not  it’s important that you can code and communicate in English