8 July 2021

Welcome Office team

You already know that we are looking for interns for our Welcome Office team. If you want to take an active part in the life of […]
1 July 2021

Do you want to do an internship in a place where everything is already familiar? If you do, join our Welcome Office team!

We are open to new interns for the next academic year. If you want to join our team, make student live easier, find new acquaintances as […]
16 June 2020

Erasmus+ programme

This year long weekend in Poland will be different than usual. Check our propositions for these days.
7 May 2020

Financial help for students.

We know that worldwide situation connected with coronavirus is difficult for all of us. To help our Students we prepared one-off allowance from the scholarship fund.
30 April 2020

What to do during long weekend?

This year long weekend in Poland will be different than usual. Check our propositions for these days.
16 April 2020

From 16th of April become a ninja and wear the mask.

From Thursday, April 16, 2020, Polish Goverment are introducing the obligation to cover the mouth and nose for every person who decide to leave home.
31 March 2020

Cover letter – how to write it and don’t get crazy.

If you ever looking for a job, probably you found the offer where employer want from you a cover letter. What exactly is it and how to write it?
26 March 2020

Untill 11th of Aprill stay home!

Until April 11 inclusive, you will not be able to move freely outside your living, health and professional goals.
20 March 2020

How to develop yourself without leaving home?

We know how development is important to boost your career. But what to do when University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw is closed?
11 December 2019

Where to look for a job on the internet?

We prepare a list of websites with dozen of job offers for you.
17 September 2019

A new opportunity to get a job!

When you speak English and you like to work with other people we have some proposition for you.
13 August 2019

Where Foreigners can work in Poland?

Here you find some information about employment in Poland and where to find a job when you are a student.
25 July 2019

Venture Café Thursday Gathering #4

We want to invite you to an event which is free and open to all members of the innovation community who have ideas, talent, resources and passion to engage and contribute.
16 July 2019

Do you know the work of the most famous Polish composer?

If you have a free Saturday and you want to spend it in a park, with extraordinary music of Chopin, you should consider our proposition.