Erasmus+ programme

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7 May 2020
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1 July 2021

Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is a programme for the university, its students and employees. Its purpose is to support international cooperation between universities, allow students to travel abroad to pursue partial studies and traineeship, promote university staff mobility, and open up numerous opportunities to universities for participation in projects with foreign partners.


It is also opportunity to visit new countries, make friends or improve your CV during internships.

Many companies positively assess the student’s participation in this program, and give extra points during recruitment process.

You can join to Erasmus + programme but in some terms.

The offer is dedicated to people who meet the following conditions:

  • are UEHS students from any country;
  • they know a foreign language in which mobility will take place to the extent that allows them to undergo a foreign internship or part of their studies at a foreign university (minimum B2 level required for studies);
  • obtained the average grade over the entire previous study period of at least 3.5 – for students going on internships; 4,0 – for students who want go for studies;
  • they are not subject to disciplinary penalty at the time of qualifying for departure and departure, nor are disciplinary proceedings conducted against them;
  • have passed all previous periods of study;
  • during mobility they will not be on dean’s leave.


During applying remember about obligatory dates.

If you want to apply for summer semester (2020/2021) you should collect and deliver documents untill 5th of November 2020.

If you are interested in Erasmus+ programme at UEHS check our website